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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

11:30pm – 1:30pm

817 A Fort Street (between Blanshard & Quadra)

A light lunch and refreshments will be provided!

Topics will include:

  • Notice of Motion to amend the bylaws to increase the maximum number of Directors from 9 to 10
  • Voting options in the 2015 Federal Election for people with disabilities
  • Presentations on
   – Technology@Work
   – Working Together with Employers & Enhancing Employability
    – VDRC Positive Independent Living Workshops


Sign Language Interpreting and captioning will be available.
Large Print Materials can be made available upon request. Contact Neil Dickie at 250-595-0044 or by September 28 to make arrangements.
*Please avoid the use of scented products*



Know Your Rights Workshop

The Victoria Disability Resource Centre is holding a series of Know Your Rights Workshops. We will be covering a number of different rights categories including Human Rights, Tenancy Rights, Welfare Rights, Consumer Rights, and Employment Rights. These workshop sessions will be held on October 5th, October 13th, October 19th, October 26th, and November 2nd from 1-3pm. Contact the VDRC at to register! Or visit for more information on all of our workshops.


Scooter Workshop

The Victoria Disability Resource Centre is holding a Scooter Workshop on October 6th from 11am-2pm at the MS Society at 1004 North Park St. Scooter users can learn trick for operating their mobility scooters effectively and have a chance to practice. The workshop will discuss scooter use, maintenance tips, charging, etiquette while riding in public and MORE. Contact Tabetha at to register. Or visit for more information on all of our workshops.


Job Club Workshops

The Victoria Disability Resource Centre is holding a series of Job Club Workshops.  These workshops will discuss various topics related to seeking, getting, and keeping a job.  These workshops will have an emphasis on peer support, providing the opportunity to learn from and teach each other.  The workshops will include sessions on resume and cover letter writing, interview skills, how and when to discuss your disability, and what to do now that you have the job. These sessions will be held on September 18th, October 16th, November 20th, and December 11th.  Contact Jessica  at for more information or to register! Or visit for more information on all of our workshops.


Tax Assistance

Haven’t filed your taxes for numerous year? Tax Assistance and Information for People with Disabilities DABC (Tax Aid DABC) is a new program offered by Disability Alliance BC.  This program can assist people who are receiving the PWD benefit or the PPMB benefit with simple income tax filings and information/referrals. There are a number of financial benefits available to British Columbians who file their taxes.  The money received from these benefits will not usually affect PWD or PPMB assistance cheques. Find out more by:
Phone: 604-872-1278 or Toll Free: 1-800-663-1278
Email: Website:


Call To Artists!

The VDRC is proud to announce the 3rd annual Artists with Disabilities Showcase on December 3rd, this year to be held at the Victoria Art Gallery! Interested artists should contact Les at before the deadline of August 30th.
See the event flier here.


Disability in the News…


Federal Support For Employment Opportunities For Local People With Disabilities Announced

The Federal government announced new support for increasing opportunities for persons with disabilities. The media release can be found here.


Disability Employment Plan

The Federal Government is making it a little easier for people with disabilities to develop the skills they need to find jobs.  View the full report on


Endowment 150 Project – Helping you Save for the Future 

Many people with disabilities struggle to save for their future. To help those who want to save, Endowment 150 offers one-time $150 gifts to Registered Disability Savings Plans (RDSP).


 … for more in the news click here


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