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Parking Permit Price Increase

Please note that as of April 1st, the prices of Disability Parking Permits will go up by three dollars. This will bring the total cost to $25 for renewals and new permits when processed in person, and $27 when processed through the mail.



Disability in the News…


Federal Support For Employment Opportunities For Local People With Disabilities Announced

The Federal government announced new support for increasing opportunities for persons with disabilities. The media release can be found here.


Disability Employment Plan

The Federal Government is making it a little easier for people with disabilities to develop the skills they need to find jobs.  View the full report on


Endowment 150 Project – Helping you Save for the Future 

Many people with disabilities struggle to save for their future. To help those who want to save, Endowment 150 offers one-time $150 gifts to Registered Disability Savings Plans (RDSP).


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