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Victoria Disability Resource Centre

Promoting a new perspective on disability

People with disabilities face different barriers than those without disabilities—support from the community and peers is crucial to help create an independent individual. Incorporated February 15, 1990, the Victoria Disability Resource Centre (VDRC) is a cross-disability, grassroots, not-for-profit organization run by and for persons with disabilities.

A Board of Directors govern the organization. The Board is comprised of community members both with and without disabilities. We are a proud member of the Canadian Association of Independent Living Centres, a national network of disability resource centres across Canada.


We Believe in Independent Living

We work closely with people who have a disability and with other community organizations to find and remove barriers that prevent full participation in life. The Independent Living approach to providing services offers a new perspective on disability.

This Means:

Promoting Full Citizenship

Empowering people with disabilities to be actively involved in making informed decisions regarding all aspects of their lives.

Enabling the inclusion of persons with disabilities in all aspects of society.

Supporting individuals to take risks, make mistakes, and learn from their mistakes.

Disabled young adults and their supporters
Ensuring Cross Disability Representation

Independent Living Resource Centres provide services to anyone with any type of disability.

We are a non-profit organization that is run by and for persons with disabilities.

We are committed to having a minimum of 51 percent of persons with disabilities represented on our governing board of directors. We are committed to hiring persons with disabilities.

Remaining Grounded in the Community

We respond to the needs of our local community, identifying unmet needs and facilitating the development of new services.

The Independent Living Philosophy

The Independent Living philosophy is an alternative approach to the traditional
medical/rehabilitation service-delivery model. This philosophy promotes and encourages an attitude of 'self-director' in disabled individuals. It means that they negotiate and access the community services and resources they need to participate as equal citizens in their community.

The philosophy recognises the rights of individuals with disabilities to assume risks and make choices. It puts all decision-making right into their own hands. Consumers are encouraged to achieve self-direction over their personal care and the community services they need to achieve independence.


The Four Principles of Independent Living


Independent Living is based on these four principles:


1. Consumer Control

The people receiving our services are also the people offering them. We must maintain a grassroots character so we do not lose touch with the people we are serving. This means that people with disabilities are part of our staff and make up the majority of the board of directors.

2. Disability Diversity

People with different disabilities have different needs. We must provide programs and resources for persons with all types of disabilities. As well, a variety of disabilities must be represented at both the staff and board level.
People holding hands infront of a building, some of them are in wheelchairs.

3. Community Mindedness

We must listen, respond and be responsible to our community. We are here to help fill service gaps and let our citizens know what's already available for people with disabilities in the Victoria region.

4. Full Participation

We promote the full participation of people with disabilities in the economic, political, cultural and social life of Canadian society.


Become a Member

The majority of our board and staff positions are held by people who have a disability. It ensures that our programs and services effectively meet the needs of our clients and community.

If you are interested in making the lives of people with a disability barrier free and would like to participate in our programs and services, join us and become a member.

Contact: reception@drcvictoria.com.