Board Member

Before agreeing to serve on a board, a person will want to familiarize themselves with the organization, its history and its current operations. Specific items that may assist in this process are the articles of incorporation, bylaws, mission statement, policy manual, published periodicals, budgets, vision and goals, and financial statements.

Once an individual accepts a position on a board, they have inherently accepted certain fundamental responsibilities, in addition to a commitment of time and accountability to the organization. The key responsibility is to monitor the organization on behalf of the members or the public that it serves.

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Why Become A Board Member?

The reasons why people choose to serve on a non-profit Board of Directors are as diverse as the people that serve. Some of the reasons people choose to serve include the following:

  • Board table
  • Civic duty
  • Charitable service
  • Parental obligation
  • Personal interest in the organization’s cause

Become a Member

The majority of our board and staff positions are held by people who have a disability. It ensures that our programs and services effectively meet the needs of our clients and community.

If you are interested in making the lives of people with a disability barrier free and would like to participate in our programs and services, join us and become a member. Please fill out a nomination form and send it to David Hosking at

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