Living with Autism can be very difficult, especially if you're an adult. Luckily there are several wonderful and helpful resources in Victoria that deals with helping autistic people of all ages living in Victoria.




Programs offered



Victoria Autism-Aspergers Meetup Group


The Victoria Autism-Asperger's Meetup Group

Victoria, BC
338 Aspies & Autists

The Victoria Autism-Asperger Meetup Group is a group for people with autism and Asperger's Syndrome, and their families and friends, to get together to meet other people on th...

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Individuals on the autism spectrum get together twice a month to meet new friends and support one another. Friends and family are always welcome too!

Groups of 2-12 individuals get together the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month at 400 Craigflower Rd.



Community Living BC


Provides funding for adults living with developmental disabilities and their families. These CLBC supports are delivered through services agencies to help eligible adults with their needs, and gives them the opportunity to be involved members of their communities.

-Employment, social and life skills inclusion supports

-Connections to community resources that support individuals, their families, or their caregivers

-Help finding housing options that assist in living independently while meeting each individual’s unique needs




Application process is required

Pivot Point Family Growth Center


5-230 Menzies St.

Victoria, B.C.

Offers a range of services designed to help adults with diverse abilities to achieve the goals, and life they desire.

Services include: -One-on-one support for learning new skills

-Small group programs to help adults engage in community inclusion

-Job skills and placement support

-Developing social networks


Fees for services

Power to Be


1017 Fort St.

Victoria, B.C

Power to Be is an organization focused on empowering youth and adults to get outdoors and enjoy nature by offering inclusive adventures rooted in nature.

Programs are tailored to each person, working to remove any cognitive, physical, or social barriers that may be limiting one’s access to nature.

Youth & Adults

Costs are scaled and subsidized

Lifetime Networks

102-4090 Shelbourne St.

Victoria BC



Lifetime Networks has one main goal: to increase the number of relationships in the lives of people with disabilities.

Programs offered include: -Best buddies (matches you with a UVic student)

-Social groups (art, music, photography, cooking, ect.)

-Outreach support (tailored support for independent living)

-Community inclusion (support working towards meeting recreational, social, and educational goals)

-Employment support (exploring your employment options)

-Being a citizen (learn communication and employment skills)

-Networks (learn how to create and maintain lasting friendships)


Conditional upon circumstance