Are bursaries and scholarships available for persons with disabilities who want to go back to school?

Yes! It is best to check with disabled student services and an academic adviser to discuss whether you qualify for assistance.

Are there grants available for homeowners with a disability to get renovations done?

Yes. The forms are available in our office, or on the HAFI website.

Do I have to disclose my disability to my employer?

Disclosure is always a choice, however in most cases it is best to disclose so that employers can make the workplace and work space comfortable for you.

How can I register my dog as a service dog/emotional comfort dog?

Register with: Canadian Registry of Therapy Animals & Service Animals.

I have misplaced my bus tickets/bus pass. Can you replace it for me?

No. The VDRC is not able to replace the bus pass or tickets for individuals. Call lost and found at BC Transit to see if the lost pass or tickets were turned up.

I am applying for Canada Pension Plan Disability and am separating from my spouse. I have been told we need to split the benefits. What now?

You should receive a letter from Service Canada if this applies to you. Follow the instructions in that letter and provide the requested information to them.

Where can I find vision care that will work with the Ministry's allowable costs for PWD?

The Inner Harbour Optometry center receives ministry funding allowing individuals with PWD status to receive eye exams free of charge.

 Inner Harbour Optometry

The Hudson Building

Unit #3, 1707 Douglas Street

Victoria BC, V8W 0C1



Diamond Optical is also another option as well. 

1320 Douglas St., Victoria

$20 eye exam, but they will waive this fee if you purchase glasses from them.


- Note: for inexpensive glasses, also consider the following online seller (based in Vancouver):



I want to go back to school but am on PWD with the ministry. Can I get help with funding?

Yes. If you wish to attend post-secondary school and require exceptional education related services and equipment, the Canada Student Grant for Services and Equipment for Students with Permanent Disabilities are available. Simply check your eligibility here:


I am on PWD and my spouse has a chance at getting a job out of province. Can the ministry help with relocation costs? have to be paid back.

Yes, especially if you are leaving the province for employment. Proof of start date at the new job may be required. Call the ministry at 1-866-866-0800 and check with ministry staff.

Can I receive S.A.F.E.R. (Shelter Aid for Elderly Renters) while receiving PWD (Persons with Disabilities Designation?

No, you are not eligible to receive S.A.F.E.R. and receive PWD at the same time.

How much am I allowed to earn while receiving the PWD benefit?

If you have a disability and get disability assistance, you are still allowed to work and earn money. There is an annual earnings exemption, meaning you can earn money anytime of the year, with no monthly limit, and it will not change your monthly Disability Assistance payment; of course, as long as it does not surpass the annual limit. The exemption limits are:

  • $9,600 for a single person with PWD designation
  • $12,000 for a family with two adults where only one of them has a PWD designation
  • $19,200 for a family where both adults have a PWD designation

For more information on annual earning exemptions, please visit the BC government website at

Will the ministry help pay my hydro bill arrears?

No, not generally. However there are some crisis circumstances in which the ministry will provide a single crisis grant. These are given out rarely.

I am a senior seeking disability travel insurance. Can you help me?

We cannot help with this at the centre. Please check with your insurance broker for information that applies to your situation. There is no discount for travel insurance for people with disabilities, but it is strongly recommended that persons with disabilities purchase travel insurance prior to departure.

I have exceeded my dental coverage for the year and I have an outstanding balance with my dentist. How can I get this paid for?

Set up a payment plan with your dentist until the balance is paid.