About Independent Living Canada (ILC)

Founded in 1986 by the Independent Living Movement Membership, Independent Living Canada (formerly: Canadian Association of Independent Living Centres) represents the network of IL Member Centres at the national level. IL Canada performs several functions on behalf of Member Centres including: providing a collective voice on national issues; fostering and maintaining partnerships; building the capacity and scale of IL in Canada; and preserving the integrity and importance of IL in Canada on the national stage.

About the ILC Logo and the Theme of "Four"

The Logo

Our overarching name and location anchors the logo’s figures and establishes the foundation of our visual, framing the semi-circle formed by the four figures as a reminder of inclusion and acceptance. Although grouped, each of the four figures is separate echoing IL’s philosophy of self-determination.  The figures’ colours represent who Independent Living Canada is about: diverse people with diverse disabilities. At the same time, the stance of the figures is one of energetic, positive movement: embracing, supporting, rising up and reaching out.  The arms illustrate a sense of belonging and support while the heads in alignment convey a sense of equality, collaboration and involvement. The recurring theme of “four,” brings focus to the full range of meanings inherent to Independent Living:

The Four Core Values of the International Independent Living Philosophy

  • Examining options
  • Making informed decisions
  • Taking risks
  • Managing their own lives

The Four Pillars of the Canadian Independent Living Movement

  • Community
  • Accessibility
  • Inclusion
  • Education

The Four Guiding Principles of Member Centres throughout Canada

  • Consumer Control
  • Cross-disability
  • Community-based
  • Promote full participation

The Four Pillars of Service Programming Within Member Centres throughout Canada

  • Information and Referral
  • Peer Support
  • IL Skill Development
  • Research and Community Development

We are a proud member of Independent Living Canada

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