Are you eager for an opportunity to learn and practice office skills for future employment? Are you interested in working in a fun, light-hearted environment with lots of wonderful people? Are you looking for a way to contribute and give back to the persons with disabilities community? If so, then consider registering with the Volunteer Skills Development Program at the Victoria Disability Resource Centre!

We are looking for kind, courteous, dedicated individuals to volunteer in our front office.

Available Positions

Photo of Kelsey working the front desk, smiling.

Front Desk Administrators

Front Desk Administrators answer the phones and greet walk-ins. They listen to the client’s situation and ensure they are referred to the proper source of assistance. This task requires a strong ability to listen attentively and make prompt assessments about where to refer the client. They also sort through all incoming and outgoing mail and maintain a comprehensive log.

Parking Permit Desk Administrators

Parking Permit Desk Administrators process and distribute parking placards for people with disabilities, either in person or over the phone. They handle any incoming money and maintain thorough electronic and hard copy records of everyone who buys a placard from us. Volunteers work two at a time at the parking permit desk during each shift, so there will be plenty of opportunity for experience in working with others.

Data Entry

Data Entry Volunteers work through backlogs of parking placard applications, making sure all the correct information is properly entered into our Microsoft Access database. This is a very low-pressure position and perfect for anyone who may prefer working on a solo project at their own pace. The position offers plenty of opportunity for training on how to use Microsoft Access.

IT Support

IT Support Volunteers work one-on-one with service users to adapting their computer setup to work within their abilities. This may include using such programs as screen readers and magnifiers or researching special assistive technology, such as an augmented computer mouse or keyboard. Volunteers will have the chance to work on their interpersonal and research skills, as well as learning about the various programs and technology available to persons with disabilities. Prior computer knowledge is required.

Computer Tutoring

Computer Tutoring Volunteers assist service users with any computer related matter that they may wish to learn. This may involve anything from using a particular program to setting up an email account. The tutor may interact with service users one-on-one via arranged sessions or in a group via workshop sessions. The position allows for volunteers to work on interacting directly with others and teaching, as well as learning about the various programs available to persons with disabilities. Prior computer knowledge is required.

Information & Referral Volunteer

Information and Referral Volunteer Assistants help the Information Coordinators with connecting service users to resources. The position involves plenty of research into what types of resources are available to the persons with disabilities community, either through online searches or phone calls. Volunteer Assistants will also help with responding to messages left on the Information and Referral email and voicemail. There will be plenty of opportunity to strengthen your research skills and practice interpersonal interactions involving confidential and sensitive materials.

There may also be opportunities that come up for other volunteer jobs, as the need arises.

Benefits of Volunteering

Photo of Sean Stewart working at the parking desk, smiling.Our volunteer positions provide valuable experience in customer service and gaining knowledge of community resources. There will be plenty of opportunity to develop key office skills, such as:

  • data entry
  • file management
  • practice using Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel and Access Database.)

The Victoria Disability Resource Centre is a perfect place to gain work experience in such fields as administration, the non-profit sector, and working with the public, all in a light-hearted work environment with a warm and friendly staff.

Apply to be a Volunteer

If you are interested in volunteering, please complete the Volunteer Application Form and forward to our office by e-mail, fax or mail.

A criminal record check will be required, which we will help get processed.

For more information contact our Volunteer Coordinator at