In an effort to provide people living with disabilities in the Victoria area some insight into what candidates for Victoria City Council would do regarding disability issues if elected on October 15, the Victoria Disability Resource Centre (VDRC) posed a series of three questions related to disability issues to all eight candidates for mayor and 37 candidates for councilor.

The questions were designed to not only elicit information from the candidates, but to bring awareness to them about the systemic disability issues that exist in our city.

We want to thank those candidates who were able to provide answers to these questions.

The VDRC encourages everyone to vote. For more information about the accessibility of voting in this municipal election, go to the City of Victoria’s webpage here or contact us at 250-595-0044 or at

Here are the questions that were asked:

Question 1. Many people with disabilities live on fixed incomes. Persons With Disabilities assistance from the provincial government includes a shelter portion of only $375 per month. BC Housing has a waitlist of potentially nine years (priority is given to families with children or those without housing). If elected, what would you do to create a more livable, affordable city for PWD recipients?

Question 2. The city has an Accessibility Advisory Committee that provides feedback to city council and staff on a range of city initiatives, programs and services through an accessibility lens. If elected, how would you involve the Accessibility Advisory Committee in city planning?

Question 3. In 2020, the city introduced the Accessibility Framework to proactively remove and prevent barriers in the community for those with disabilities. If elected, how do you see your role on council in influencing accessibility and inclusiveness throughout the community?

***The answers to all questions have been edited for formatting purposes only and are otherwise unedited and appear below as they were sent to us. The candidates for mayor are listed first, in alphabetical order, followed next by the candidates for councilor, again in alphabetical order.

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