Accessibility Review
Proposed Douglas Street Public Washroom
David Willows March 16, 2022

The City of Victoria proposes to install a “universally accessible” prefabricated washroom near the intersection of Broughton Street and Douglas Street. The comments in this brief relate strictly to accessibility of the indicated design and do not reflect on the need for the facility nor the location.

A review of literature was conducted of materials provided to the Committee of the Whole on 10 March 2022. Some materials were also sent to the City’s Accessibility Advisory Committee. There is insufficient information in the Committee of the Whole package to provide a comment on accessibility, so a site visit to the existing “Langley Loo” was conducted as it is identified as the model for the new washroom.

The “Langley Loo” was assessed by David Willows, an accessible washroom expert, using the lowest recognised accessibility criteria found in the BC Building Code. The Code does not typically apply to accessory buildings under 10 square meters, however City of Victoria staff uses the term “universal accessible washroom” to imply a relationship to the standards in the BC Building Code that specifically addresses the accessibility requirements for a “universal” washroom. (Article B.

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