The VDRC is proud to be involved in the organization of this event.

Take care of your mind & wellbeing through art therapy. Two free sessions are being offered.

Feeling stressed and anxious? Do you have a disability or are facing barriers in life and would like to explore non-verbal ways of expression? Simply need another form of release?

Join us for a free art therapy session lead by certified expressive arts therapist and registered social worker Jotika Samant (bio below). No previous experience of any kind is needed to join, but of course artists are welcome too. Please be 14+ in age, otherwise no limits. We will use simple materials you’ll be able to find around the house.

4-6pm PST
Session 1 – Monday 25th October 2021
Session 2- Tuesday 23rd November 2021

Currently Accepting Signups for BOTH sessions. Attendance is CAPPED AT 18 PARTICIPANTS PER SESSION!

To register use this form or send an email to

See the poster here.

Jotika Chaudhary Samant


Picture of Jotika Chaudhary Samant

Jotika Chaudhary Samant is an Expressive Arts Therapist, an Interdisciplinary artist & has been working and volunteering in Social Service agencies for over 15 years. She is a Queer, woman of colour and identifies as living with chronic illness. Jotika is also a community organizer and has helped create arts markets, performance nights & arts healing spaces for folks to gather, connect and share their stories. Creating art & sharing her art through performance has been a transformative tool for her own self expression and healing. Jotika is very passionate about supporting folks to (re)connect & listen into the wisdom in their bodies & nervous system through arts creation. Art is such a powerful tool to help us tell our stories, get into our imagination and have some fun. See more about her and work here: