Photo of three VDRC staff members with glasses (Josh Yates, Wendy Brooks, and Colin Mooney) smiling at the camera.Our website has numerous community resource features, based on the needs and most frequently asked questions from our clientele. We aim to condense this information so as to make it as user-friendly as possible.

Some of these features have been proven to be quite popular, such as our list of Free and Affordable Counselling Services in Victoria, getting 20+ visitors a day.

Newly added June 26 are our features on dentistry and optometry, both of which inform the reader about how the government covers dentistry/optometry for those receiving PWD assistance. The guides also list Victoria dentists and eyecare providers who have said they will bill directly to MSP, at the government PWD rates. Click here to read those!

We are continually working to add more community resources, based on popular demand. Features soon to be added include:

  • A guide to local homecare and outreach services
    • + a guide to applying for and managing CSIL (Choice in Supports for Independent Living)
  • A guide to finding affordable housing in Victoria
    • + a list of transitional housing services
  • A list of local petcare services for people with disabilities
  • A guide to local advocacy organizations and their services offered
  • A guide to organizations offering services for persons on the autism spectrum
  • And many more!

Stay tuned!