Vancouver Island is a lovely place for anyone who loves to explore nature or who just likes to go out and enjoy the beautiful views. In Victoria there are stellar trails that are accessible for everyone.


1. Esquimalt Lagoon:

A calm and stable trail that gives a beautiful view of the Juan de Fuca strait and the Fisgard lighthouse. You also see wildlife such as seals, ducks, herons and swans.


  • Accessible parking spaces
  • Accessible picnic spaces
  • Accessible washrooms (located at the base of the Lagoon road)
  • Public transit on Route 52


2. Juan de Fuca Recreation Centre Trail :

A 2.8 km loop trail with a smooth gravel surface, it wanders in and out of the perimeter surrounding West Shore Parks & Recreation’s outdoor facilities. Family-friendly, this trail offers fun to everyone of all ages. It is also very easy to get to there and back; and there are many parking spaces and many public transit stops.


Photo by Kasey Eriksen


  • 35 accessible parking stalls
  • Picnic shelters with tables
  • Accessible washroom in the Juan de Fuca Recreation Centre
  • Playground
  • Public Transit for 25, 39, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54 and 61



3. Island View Beach Regional Park Beach trail:

A 900 M trail with a smooth gravel surface and gradual slopes that offers people a breath-taking view of oceans, mountains and islands. People who love walks on the beach will love strolling across this trail by the ocean.


Photo by Alan D. Wilson


  • 6 accessible parking stalls
  • Parking for more than 120 vehicles
  • Accessible toilets at trailhead
  • Picnic shelter
  • Seasonal campground




4. Witty’s Lagoon Regional Park:

A 300m one-way trail off the West-Mont Montessori Elementary school that offers people the chance to explore a forest and enjoy nature. It’s thoroughly accessible, with a smooth gravel surface and gradual slopes. Witty’s Lagoon and its trails are a beautiful destination.



  • An accessible parking stall
  • Teaching shelter
  • Public Transit (#54 or #55)
  • Accessible toilet near the teaching shelter




Get the Booklet:

For more info, check out the CRD’s online booklet, A Guide to User-Friendly trails. They list over a dozen accessible trails. Most are in the western communities of Esquimalt, Langford, Sooke, but many are within a half-hour transit ride of downtown Victoria.

Click here to download a pdf version:






Photo by Kasey Eriksen

Tips for a fun and safe hike

  • Dress prepared: even if it’s hot, the weather in Victoria can change quickly from hot to wet and cool
  • Wear appropriate footwear such as sturdy hiking shoes
  • Plan your trip and stick to the plan
  • Stay on designated trails
  • Always hike with a friend, or in a group–never hike alone
  • Leave your valuables at home or take it with you on person



  • Maps
  • Water
  • Snacks and food
  • Phone
  • Sunscreen and first aid kit
  • Whistle
  • Flashlight or head lamp
  • Pack of tissues
  • Large orange plastic bag that can be used for rainwear, shelter or signaling