The VDRC is proud to be involved in the organization of this event.

The VDRC has entered into a partnership with Camosun College Landsdowne Campus to offer FREE MASSAGES to VDRC members on Fridays. They are unable to accept ICBC or WorkSafe patients.

This is through their in-reach program and provides their students with hands-on experience working with persons with lived experience.

This is considered an essential service so there is no need for proof of vaccination. However, they do practice safe COVID protocols as laid out by Public Heath Orders (PHO).

Unfortunately, they do not have massage tables that raise and lower. They do have steps that can be used and they have been trained in 1-or-2 person assisted transfers. Assisted meaning that they cannot lift someone but can assist with balance and guiding.

The partnership will be completed at the end of the 2021 fall semester (September – December 2021) but may be extended for the following term.

To book your appointment call (250) 370-4747 or email

Prior to your appointment, here is some important information to note:

  • Clients will need to be able to provide informed consent or attend with a representative who has the authority to provide consent
  • Clients are required to have a blood pressure assessment prior to treatment that is below 160 systolic/100 diastolic
  • Clients with a recent (within 1 year) history of new heart disease or stroke must be approved for Massage Therapy by a physician and be able to provide proof of physician approval
  • All other clients with a history of heart disease or stroke are encouraged to consult their physician for medical approval prior to treatment
  • Clients must require minimal assistance to transfer to the treatment table.
    o We have the following for assistance if necessary
    – non-slip step
    –  1 student and 1 clinical instructor to help with partial weight bearing
    o The student (with the help of the clinic instructor if necessary) will be able to help clients go from a prone/supine position to a seated position as well as a prone to supine position
  • If a client is not able to transfer relatively on their own (with the above support), our students are able to treat while the client remains in their chair
    o Please note that for treatments taking place while in a chair, students are able to provide massage to most areas, with the exception of posterior glutes & hamstrings. Students will help clients lean forward/back as well as pillows to assist with the treatment
  • Massage tables are approximately 29inches wide. However, the height cannot be changed throughout the treatment.
  • During the 1st visit at the clinic, clients should expect to have a more in-depth assessment completed in order to understand the needs and limitations of the clients. Students will than develop a treatment plan and review this plan with the instructor before returning back to the treatment room. During following visits, this process is much quicker.
    o A variety of treatment techniques can be performed depending on the needs of the client.