Even Ontario, the relatively most progressive province, has issues.


In August 2016, a report was released outlining multiple systemic failures in provincial support services leading to a crisis among adults living with disabilities.


In Ontario, a single adult on disability benefits can get about up to $1,128 a month through the Ontario Disability Support Program. That is greater than BC’s monthly benefit of $ 1,033 (since April 1 2017), but in larger urban areas like Toronto, this isn’t enough for living.


Several necessities for living can’t be achieved on just the funds from the government, including:

  • Safe and accessible housing
  • Clothes
  • Recreational expenses
  • Disability aids
  • Food
  • Transportation
  • Accessibility related costs

Even worse, people living on the ODSP plan aren’t allowed to receive much help from their friends and families. A person living on the plan is only able to hold up to $5000 in assets and $6000 in gifts each year. Those restrictions lead many disabled people to the trap of poverty in Ontario.


While in BC, as in 2015, the asset level on their disability benefits plan was raised to $100,000 per year and the limit on gifts was removed.


Living in Canada is tough for a person with disabilities, especially when you’re struggling to find employment. Luckily, Ontario and BC is starting to slowly accommodate disabled people.