The Peer Outreach Program is designed to allow you to experience some much needed social interaction, as well as get reconnected with the greater community-at-large. Members of the program can set up scheduled check-ins with one of our outreach workers over several different platforms, including phone calls, email, texting, and video conferencing.

During these check-ins, you and the outreach worker can:

  • talk about how you have been coping with being isolated. If you have been feeling upset or depressed about being stuck inside, feel free to chat about it and maybe develop some ideas or strategies on how this can be addressed
  • identify areas that you need help with. If you are experiencing a problem related to your disability or being isolated, the outreach worker can help put you in contact with resources that could potentially aid you
  • just talk. If what you are looking for is a friendly voice to chat with, the outreach worker can provide that, too

Our hope is that, through this program, the persons with disabilities community can further strengthen itself during this unprecedented time. When people with disabilities feel socially connected, it encourages them to reach out to other community members and support each other, it increases their likelihood of having better mental health, and creates a sense of pride as they, in turn, help others. This is what creates a resilient community that can withstand hardships.

For more information or to sign up for the program, please call 250-595-0044 ext. 112 or email