The Victoria Disability Resource Centre and the Stroke Recovery Association of BC/March of Dimes Canada are pleased to announce the Young Stroke Survivors Peer-Led Group!

This group is for all those new and experienced stroke survivors aged 18 to all-those-who-are-young-at-heart!

The group members will determine the topics that will be discussed. These could include:

 Intimacy and relationship
 Daily living skills
 Managing feeling & emotions
 Family dynamics
 Getting back to work
 Health concerns (speech and mobility solutions)

When: First Tuesday of the Month Beginning April 2nd, 2019 1pm – 3pm.

Where: Victoria Disability Resource Centre, 817A Fort Street, Victoria

For further information: please call Vicki Pilot (250) 686-8653 Or email:

Young Stroke Survivors Group poster
Young Stroke Survivors Group poster