Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the questions we are most frequently asked at our centre regarding government assistance for people with disabilities, health supports, affordable housing, and much more!


Local organizations that will intervene on behalf of people with disabilities and work with them on an on-going basis.

Assistive Technology & Devices

How to find devices that assist and empower people with disabilities for at home and at work.

Disability Benefits

Learn about the health and other benefits available for people with disabilities.

Disability Income Assistance

Learn about the financial benefits available for people with disabilities.

Employment Resources

Employment resources for people with disabilities.

Federal Programs

Information about Federal programs for people with disabilities, including Canada Pension Plan-Disability (CPPD) and the Disability Tax Credit.

Health and Wellness

Government and community resources to help you get and stay well.


Organizations offering help with various types of legal situations.

Mental Health

Resources to help keep your mental health in balance. Plus, a list of over 20 organizations in greater Victoria that offer free and affordable counselling, and phone-in services.

Money and Finance

Effective strategies and advice to deal with financial, tax, and debt matters.

Other Disability Resources

We keep track of the full range of services for people with disabilities in the Victoria area.

Peer Support

Peer support programs provide opportunities for people with disabilities to share information, ideas, life experiences and skills - learn about them here.

Provincial Programs

Your guide to BC programs for people with disabilities, including PWD (Persons with Disabilities) income assistance.


Organizations that offer recreation services for people with disabilities.


Information on key transportation services, such as handyDART and the annual bus pass for persons with disabilities.

Volunteer Skills Development

The Volunteer Skills Development Program was designed to provide volunteers with real-life experiences in a work environment.