Action Committee of People with Disabilities

Organization Description: a local not-for-profit focused on social inclusion and economic equity for persons with disabilities.

Services offered include:

  • free legal assistance: provided through Access Pro Bono every Tuesday by appointment
  • aid with federal pension organizations (CPP, OAS, GIS), Persons with Disability Assistance (PWD), and subsidized housing applications, in addition to advocacy in case of a rejected application
  • assistance with obtaining wheelchairs, supportive roles in court cases, and other general advocacy needs

Estimated wait time for appointment with an advocate: up to a week

Location: 948 View Street 

250 383 4105
Together Against Poverty Society (TAPS)

*Hours of operations have changed: the TAPS office will now be closed to walk-ins on Wednesdays (phone only) and will open at 9:30 on Mondays. Tuesday, Thursdays, and Fridays we will continue to be open for phone calls and walk-ins from 9am-noon and 1pm-4pm.*

Organization Description: TAPS provides free, face-to-face advocacy (including legal assistance with a lawyer in some cases) for people with issues regarding matters such as income assistance, disability benefits, employment standards, and tenancy.

Services offered include:

  • helps clients obtain social services they are entitled to, including:
    • disability benefits, such as Person with Disability status and the Disability Tax Credit
    • access to Nutritional Supplements
    • basic dental and pharmaceutical care
  • represents service-users at Income Assistance Panels
  •  landlord-tenant disputes: negotiation and legal advocacy on behalf of tenants
  •  information about the BC Residential Tenancy Act and other important laws governing housing rights
  •  advocacy representation services in hearings before the BC Employment Standards Tribunal
  •  communicate with employers on behalf of employees during disputes
  •  free tax assistance (call for details)

Estimated wait time for appointment with an advocate: two weeks

Location: #302 – 895 Fort Street 

Victoria Cool Aid Society

Organization Description: “The Cool Aid Society aims to end homelessness by working in partnership with others to develop community-based solutions.”

Services offered include:

  • through Resources, Employment, Education and Support (REES), they provide advocacy for people with disabilities
  • a casual labour pool to provide temporary employment
  • a thrift shop both for purchasing low-cost second-hand clothing and for gaining basic retail experience in conducting the sale of products
  • a resource centre to link people with more assistance, externally or internally
  • an Online Resource Guide

Estimated wait time for appointment with an advocate: same day or within a day

Location: 465 Swift Street

250 595 8619
St Vincent de Paul Society

Organization Description: Society of St Vincent de Paul is a Catholic organization that has been serving the needs of Canadians with low incomes for over 150 years.

Services offered include:

  • access to an advocate on a “first come, first serve” basis every Monday afternoon
  • quarterly free anger management courses
  • an E-card program, wherein low-income individuals are given gift cards redeemable for the St Vincent thrift shop
    • tax assistance from February 1st  to April 30th every year

Location: 4353 West Saanich Road

250 727 0007
Law Center

Organization Description: The Law Centre provides advice, assistance, and representation to clients who cannot afford a lawyer.  Services here are provided by law students from the University of Victoria, supervised by their professors and by an onsite social worker.

Services offered include:

  • free legal support and aid for persons with low incomes
  • appealing denials of Persons with Disability Assistance (PWD), the Disability Tax Credit, and related programs
  • support for tenants, employees, and other individuals with disabilities being subject to discrimination
  • basic educational law resources

Estimated wait time for appointment with an advocate: one week

Note: There are three low points in the year when students are between terms.  During these times, the Law Centre will still take some appointments, as some staff will still be present, but one can expect an increase in wait times. For the 2018-19 academic year, these will be:

  • August 7th to September 3rd
  • December 10th to January 7th
  • April 8th to May 6th

Location: #225 – 850 Burdett Avenue

250 385 1221