The following help sheets, prepared and regularly updated by the Disability Alliance of BC, are guides to assist people in understanding and applying for the Canadian Pension Plan – Disability benefits.

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A guide to help you understand how to apply for the Canada Pension Plan disability benefit (CPP-D).

CPP-D Application Guide

If your application for CPP-D benefits has been denied, you have the right to appeal. This guide will help you with the first stage of the CPP-D appeal process: the reconsideration request.

CPP-D Appeal Guide Reconsideration Request

Note: If you have had your reconsideration request denied, please see Appeal Guide: Part Two – The Review Tribunal.

The following guide is designed to help people who are representing themselves with Canada Pension Plan Disability (CPP-D) appeals to the Social Security Tribunal (the “Tribunal”).

Representatives may also find the Guide helpful if they have clients with appeals before the Tribunal.

Social Security Tribunal Guide – 2016

CPP-D Application Form