This is one of the most often asked questions here at the VDRC. It’s asked so often, in fact, that we have weekly Zoom sessions about applying for PWD every Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 PM. We highly recommend you attend one of these sessions to determine your eligibility, have your questions personally answered, and get advice suited to your scenario.

To connect via Zoom, use this link
To connect via phone, dial 1-778-907-2071 and use Meeting ID: 844 4645 8231.

Here are the four steps that you must take to acquire a PWD application form – THERE IS NO OTHER WAY.

Image of a blank page.Click here to download this page as a PDF.

  1. Get your BCeID

  • The BCeID, or the BC Electronic ID, is an online account used to connect with most social services in British Columbia. You can create one online.
  • There are three types of BCeID: Personal, Business, and Basic: GO FOR THE BASIC—it’s all you need for this purpose, and much simpler to get.
  • Be sure to write down your user ID, password, and answers to the three security questions, as you will need all three for login purposes. Keep in your wallet or purse for future reference.
  • It is recommended you clear your cookies and cache before using your BCeID account, as the website sometimes has errors when entering data otherwise.
    • If you’re having display errors and are using Firefox, try switching to Google Chrome, which is, in our experience, the preferred browser.
  1. Answer the 92-Question Online Questionnaire

  • A My Self Serve (MySS) account is your gateway to income assistance and PWD from the provincial government. You will require an email address, social insurance number, and Basic BCeID (see above) to create a MySS account – plus, if applicable, those of your partner.
  • You will begin with a registration process. Afterward, you must do a 92-question Self-Serve Assessment and Application that will help determine your eligibility for income assistance.
    • These questions will range from basic biographical information to your employment history to your legal statuses. You will need personal documents to answer these questions, and depending on your circumstances, more documents will be asked for.
    • You will be required to provide:
      • your physical SIN card (or proof of SIN number from Service Canada)
      • two additional pieces of ID (one of which must be photographic)
      • a recent photo of yourself; stamped bank statements for the last 60 days from all of your bank accounts printed at the bank (not from online)
      • your signed lease or rental receipt
      • bank profile forms for all your banks
      • more may be required.
    • One of the questions will ask, “Do you intend to apply for Persons with Disabilities Designation?” to which you should answer “Yes.”
  • There is a helpline at 1-866-866-0800 (select option 2, then option 1, and then option 2) that will guide you through this process. BC Services and Ministry Offices can also assist you, but the latter are generally busy and neither can actually submit information for you, only tell you what questions are asking for.
  1. Eligibility Interview

  • Within 5-10 business days of your online submission, you will receive a phone call from an intake worker to book an phone interview with the Ministry.
    • You may also be notified of other documents to submit to the Ministry.
  • At the end of the interview, you will need to ask for a PWD application (assuming that you qualify to apply), which you can receive in-person or through the mail.
  1. You now have the forms!

  • The Persons with Disabilities application has three sections:
    • one to be filled out by you
    • one to be filled out by your doctor
    • one to be filled out by a certified assessor.
  • Disability Alliance Help Sheet #2, which may be found on our website or in-person at the front office of the VDRC, contains a good overview of this process.
  • We strongly advise that you get skilled advice from one of our Information & Referral coordinators on how to fill in the forms.

We also suggest that you attend one of our weekly Zoom drop-in info sessions on applying for PWD every Tuesday at 2:30. For more information on this please contact our Information & Referral Program Coordinator at 250-595-0044 ext. 101 or at