Please note: Although the BC government provides limited coverage for dental costs for persons receiving Persons With Disabilities assistance (PWD) and Income Assistance, they will not reimburse you if you pay for those services in cash– even if you have paid government-approved rates. You must get the dentistry professional to bill the government directly.

Here we list local dentists who say that they will bill the MSP program directly, at rates accepted by the government.

Ministry Policy: Normally, adults receiving PWD assistance may claim up to $1,000 for dental expenses over two calendar years (calculated as beginning on January 1st every odd-numbered year). This includes basic dental problems (i.e., cleanings and fillings), partial dentures, and, depending on the external circumstances, sometimes crowns and bridges. If you have a spouse, they may also claim up to $1,000 for dental expenses. If you have a child under the age of 19, then they may claim up to $2,000 over the same period.

Here we list local dentists who have said they will the MSP program directly, at rates accepted by the government. This information is subject to change without notice by the service providers. None of these clinics are endorsed by the VDRC, and you should use your own discretion.

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Anchor Dental Centre
14 – 1153 Esquimalt Road
250 386 3044

Bakerview Dental Centre
6111 Patricia Bay Highway
250 652 2222

Cool Aid Dental Clinic
713 Johnson Street, 2nd Floor
250 383 5957

Cresta Dental Centre
28 – 3170 Tillicum Road
250 384 7711

Dr. Erin Kotelko
280-174 Wilson Street
250 381 0028

Sherwood Family Dental
C – 4136 Wilkinson Road
250 727 2273


Additional Dental Services and Offers

Camosun Dental Clinic

Organization Description: Camosun offers high-quality dental care at a low price as a way to train students to become dental technicians.

Location: 3100 Foul Bay Road, Open September to April

Cost: $60 for the first visit, $40 for a returning visit

Note: Camosun will not bill directly to your insurance provider; however, some people receiving PWD or IA assistance opt to pay from their own funds for these reduced-rate services in order to avoid cutting into their 2-year government dental allotment.


Dentistry from the Heart

Organization Description: Once a year, usually around April 27th, participating dentists across the world give out free dentistry to those who need it – often including free follow-up appointments if medically necessary.

Location: Check your local dentistry office if participating. Previous participants include:

  • Academy Dental, 130 – 31 Helmcken Road
  • Academy Dental, 6689 Sooke Road
  • Focus on Dental Hygiene, 141 Menzies Street
  • Ross Carpo, 206-4400 Chatterton Way

Cost: Free!