Please note: Although the BC government provides limited coverage for optical costs for persons receiving Persons With Disabilities assistance (PWD) and Income Assistance, they will not reimburse you if you pay for those services in cash– even if you have paid government-approved rates. You must get the optometry professional to bill the government directly.

Here we list local optometrists who will bill the MSP program directly.

Ministry Policy: If you are receiving PWD assistance, the ministry will cover the following eye care expenses:

  • Eye exams: $48.90 every two years*
  • Purchasing or repairing of glasses: $150 every three years

*Note: Here “two years” is calculated as beginning on January 1st every odd-numbered year.

This is a list of clinics and groups who have said they will bill directly to MSP. This information is subject to change without notice by the service providers. None of these clinics are endorsed by the VDRC, and you should use your own discretion.

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If you find any information in this list that has changed, please contact us at so we can update our database.


Diamond Optical
1320 Douglas Street, Victoria
250 380 6919

Family Eyecare Centre
749 Yates Street
250 383 2411

3994 Shelbourne St
250 477 4711

Hudson Optical
2-1701 Douglas St
778 433 7789

Inner Harbour Optometry
Unit #3, 1707 Douglas Street
250 920 0755

707 View Street
250 953 8000

Victoria Vision
101 – 838 Broughton St
250 383 2821

Additional Services and Offers


If you are on PWD, the ministry now allows you to order glasses from Clearly as an alternative to retail glasses stores, assuming you have an up-to-date prescription. Click here for more information.


Organization Description: OneSight is an international charity owned by Luxottica, the parent company of numerous eyeglasses stores, including Pearl Vision, LensCrafters, Sears Optical, and Through OneSight, non-profits, schools, churches, and hospitals can request eyewear for people who both have a documented need for them and a documented lack of funds to purchase them.

Location: Contact a non-profit, school, church, or hospital that will be familiar with your needs, and they will contact your local OneSight location on behalf of you.

Cost: Free!