Here is a list of those services, divided by the ages supported:

  1. Children and Youth Only
  2. Young Adults Only
  3. Adults Only
  4. Everyone

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Part One: Services for Children and Youth Only

Victoria Society for Children with Autism

Organization Description: Victoria Society for Children with Autism works to improve the quality of life of families with children who are on the autism spectrum.

Programs offered include:

  • monthly parent-focused support groups
  • monthly social gatherings and outdoor activities (ex/ BBQs, sports and games, movies, etc.)
  • access to resources and information about the autism spectrum, with an extensive lending library

Age: events and resources for kids, teens, and parents

Cost: $20 per family

Provincial Outreach Program for Autism and Related Disorders (POPARD)

Organization Description: POPARD works within the public school system to support children on the autism spectrum and children with similar disabilities.

Programs offered include:

  • psychoeducational assessments for students who are on the autism spectrum, in addition to one-on-one assistance
  • a variety of free educational resources for everyone on their website
  • educational programs for teachers about how to optimize their lessons for students learning
  • Friendship Space, a free app that gameifies friendship for children who have challenges forming social connections

Age: children

RISE Learning Centre

Organization Description: RISE stands for Reaching Independence through Support and Education. At RISE, they provide personalized behavioural services to individuals of all abilities (including people on the autism spectrum, people with OCD, people with ADD/ADHD, people with anxiety, and more).

Programs offered include:

  • behaviour consulting
  • speech language therapy
  • occupational therapy
  • clinical counselling
  • holistic nutrition
  • social groups
  • feeding, sleep & toilet training
  • music therapy
  • tutoring
  • parent consultations
  • behaviour therapist & parent training
  • social skills summer camps

Age: children and youth

Cost: varies from event to event

Canucks Autism Network

Organization Description: A BC-based organization working to keep people on the autism spectrum fit and healthy.

Programs offered include:

  • I CAN Be Active: teaches fundamental movement skills like running, jumping, and balancing for children ages three to six
  • I CAN Play Sports: teaches sports skills and group games for children ages seven to twelve
  • skating and swimming lessons for children and youth
  • monthly social programs for youth and young adults
  • family events (ex/ mini-golf, movies)
  • training workshops to inform the public about the autism spectrum

Age: all, though some activities are focused on children and youth

Cost: little to none

Part Two: Services for Young Adults

Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island

Organization Description: The Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island is a non-profit dedicated to giving children the health care they require.

Programs offered include:

  • Bear Essentials, which helps cover medical costs of youth with disabilities
  • scholarships and bursaries for young adults with physical or developmental disabilities attending/applying for post-secondary institutions
  • community funding for organizations assisting youth with developmental disabilities
  • community buildings and centres that assist people with disabilities across the island

Age: Children, youth, and young adults

Cost: free with referral from a healthcare provider

Positive Connections

Organization Description: Positive Connections is a Victoria-based clinic that provides a variety of behavioral assistance, specializing in giving sexual education to youth on the autism spectrum.

Programs offered include:

  • personalized therapy sessions and workshops focusing on the needs of the clients
  • behavior consultation, with different programs for children, young adults, and adults
  • behavior consultation focused on sexual education for children and young adults, with parents present

Age: all

Cost: varies

Authors with Autism (AwA)

Organization Description: AwA is a University-of-Victoria-based learning community for writers on the autism spectrum.

Programs offered include:

  • monthly gatherings, featuring a presentation by an AwA member on a topic of interest, “Share & Write” social portions, and free pizza and juice
  • Autism’s Own: a peer-reviewed journal about the autism spectrum, by students on the autism spectrum themselves

Age: UVic students

Positive Impact

Organization Description: Positive Impact works with existing organizations to deliver dynamic and interactive online and facilitated workshops.

Programs offered include:

  • The RITE Program (Realizing Independence through Employment), which equips people with developmental disabilities with the skillsets needed to find, secure, and maintain employment
    • plus job-coaching for people looking to explore more areas of work and resume assistance

Age: young adults and up

Part Three: Services for Adults only

Victoria Autism-Aspergers Meetup Group

Organization Description: Individuals on the autism spectrum get together twice a month to meet new friends and support one another. Friends and family are always welcome too!

Program Information:

  • groups of 2-12 individuals get together the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month at 400 Craigflower Rd.

Age: adults

Cost: none

Community Living BC

Organization Description: Provides funding for adults living with developmental disabilities and their families. These CLBC supports are delivered through services agencies to help eligible adults with their needs, and give them the opportunity to be involved members of their communities

Program Information:

  • employment, social and life skills inclusion supports
  • assistance in finding modified jobs designed for an individual’s skillset
  • connections to community resources that support individuals, their families, or their caregivers
  • help finding housing options that assist in living independently while meeting each individual’s unique needs.
  • Two-Track System of Support
    • Personal Support Initiatives for people who are high-functioning
      • pays for certain number of hours per week with support workers – what they do together is up to the client (ex/ grocery shopping, movies, etc.
    • Developmental Disability: For people who are not high-functioning

Age: 19+

Cost: none. very extensive application process is required

Pivot Point Family Growth Center

Organization Description: Pivot Point Family Growth Center offers a range of services designed to help adults with diverse abilities to achieve their life goals.

  • one-on-one support for learning new skills
  • small group programs to help adults engage in community inclusion
  • job skills and placement support
  • developing social networks

Age: 18+

Cost: consult organization for further info

Part Four: Services for Everyone

Power to Be

Organization Description: Power to Be is an organization focused on empowering youth and adults to get outdoors by offering inclusive adventures rooted in nature.

Program Information:

  • Programs are tailored to each person, working to remove any cognitive, physical, or social barriers that may be limiting one’s access to nature

Age: youth and adults

Costs: costs are scaled and subsidized

Community Living Victoria

Organization Description: Community Living Victoria supports people with developmental disabilities together with their families, support networks and community by promoting their full citizenship.

Services Offered:

  • family support through advising and group discussions
  • employment services, including finding modified jobs to fit an individual’s particular needs
  • community inclusion social programs
  • supported living through homecare services

Location: 3861 Cedar Hill Cross Road

Age: all

Cost: varies depending on services required

Drama Club Victoria

Organization Description: Drama Club Victoria is dedicated to providing opportunities for people with developmental disabilities to participate in theatrical productions.

Services Offered:

  • Drama classes for people with developmental disabilities, including:
    • Improv classes
    • Acting classes
    • Play productions
    • Multi-media productions

Cost: varies depending on services required

Garth Homer Society

Organization Description: The Garth Homer Society provides day services and programming within Greater Victoria for adults with developmental disabilities.

Services Offered:

  • community inclusion programs, including physical, social, and personal (ex/ feeding and drinking) support
  • employment and educational support
      • notably access to the ArtWorks Artists Studio and Gallery for aspiring artists
  • Computer Resource Centre with instructions on using iPads, computers and educational programs
  • limited-space residency for older adults

Location: 813 Darwin Avenue

Cost: varies depending on service provided


Organization Description: AutismBC is a small, non-profit and registered charity that encourages the inclusion and acceptance of the entire autism community. Founded in 1975, their programs empower, support, and connect autistic people and their families. More information can be found at

Programs offered include:

  • A Resource Team that provides current, credible information and advice on autism and supports.
  • Workshops such as the Waiting for Assessments Workshop and What is Autism? Workshop that empower the community through knowledge and learning.
  • AutismBC Goes — a series of free, safe, supportive, and inclusive community events for autistic people and their loved ones.
  • AutismBC Socials — inclusive groups and clubs that connect autistic people through hobbies and interests.
  • AutismBC Meets — Support Groups for community members to connect and share lived experiences, ideas and insights with others on the autism journey.
  • AutismBC Talks — opportunities to hear from an expert, learn something new, or try to get a better understanding on topics related to autism.

Reach out to Sarah – Vancouver Island Regional Coordinator at

Age: all

Cost: varies from event to event