Information & Referral

Learn more about how the Information and Referral (I&R) program can provide you with information and answer any questions or concerns you may have about disability-related supports and programs on this page.

Parking Permits

You can get a parking permit by phone, mail, fax, or by email.

Peer Support

Our Peer Support Program provides and promotes opportunities for people with disabilities to share information, ideas, life experiences and skills.

Volunteer Skills Development

The Volunteer Skills Development Program is designed to provide volunteers with real-life experiences in a work environment.

Disability Inclusion & Awareness Training (DIAT)

Also known as Anti-Ableism Training, DIAT is customized training for people in the customer service industry that educates, trains, and provides resources for developing and maintaining a fully inclusive business/organization.

Lived Experiences Around Disability (LEAD)

LEAD aims to educate youth about disabilities through presentations delivered in schools. Our presenters share their experiences with living with a disability and offer interactive activities.