The Disability Awareness Training Program involves the delivery of a curriculum for employers to increase their awareness of and comfort level with addressing disability issues. The primary goal of this program is the removal of barriers that prevent people with disabilities from becoming employed.

Some of the objectives for participants of this program are:

  • Discover the benefits of hiring persons with disabilities
  • Define disability and examine different types of disability, both visible and invisible
  • Increase awareness of persons with disabilities (PWD) and the issues they face. We want you to leave here with a broader lens of the world.
  • Explore stereotypes and assumptions that society holds about persons with disabilities
  • Develop the ability to begin to assess your own recruitment and hiring practices
  • Learn about resources that exist to help employers when they want to hire a person with a disability
  • Provide support and resources to employers who want to hire and/or mentor persons with disabilities
  • Introduce employers to the Victoria Disability Resource Centre

This program is geared towards employers, meaning any person or organization that employs people. Any people involved in the hiring process (owners, managers, executive directors, HR personnel, etc.) will greatly benefit from this program in learning how to make their workplace more inclusive for all employees – “hiring process” can also include the recruitment of volunteers.

*The content we present will be custom tailored towards your workplace based on your ‘starting knowledge’ of disability issues. We’re also happy to adjust content based on specific interests your workplace may have.

If this program is something that interests you, or if you have any questions, please contact:

By email:

By phone: 250-595-0044 ext. 107