The VDRC’s Employment Program focuses on increasing job search skills. This includes:

  • Writing targeted resumes & cover letters
  • Answering Killer Questions like “Tell me about yourself?” so you know what the employer want to know
  • Practicing interview skills
  • To disclose or not to disclose: If, when and how to disclose your disability to employers
  • Answering behavioural and situational questions
  • Dealing with illegal interview questions
  • Addressing gaps in employment
  • And much, much more

Job Postings Email List

Do you want to receive job postings in your email 1-3 times a week? To be included on the Job Postings Email list: email, or call 250-595-0044 ext 108.

The VDRC also has a Job Postings Board in the front office. Come have a look!