1. Overview

Parking Permits for Persons with Disabilities (also known as accessible parking permits or simply “parking placards”) allow the permit holder to park in designated accessible parking spots. We offer them for both motor vehicles and motorcycles, with the same process and price for both.

There are two types of parking permit: permanent and temporary. Both of these require a completed application filled out by both you and your doctor.

Permanent Permits

Permanent permits are for people who have an ongoing condition that is likely to persist for life and need to be renewed every three years.

Once you have a permanent parking permit, there is no need for a doctor to sign off on your renewal; a renewal package will be mailed to the address on file when your permit is about to expire.

Temporary Permits

Temporary permits are for people who have a short term condition, such as an injury or are recovering from surgery, and are issued for no longer than one year. If you require an extension, you will need to submit another completed application form.

Regional Validity

Parking Permits are available for both individuals and organizations and are valid throughout BC, as well as the rest of Canada, the USA, and the European Union (be sure to check local rules for use of the permit before you travel).