6. Rules and Regulations

  • Permit holders are permitted to park in accessible parking spaces ONLY when the vehicle clearly displays the accessible parking permit.
  • Only the permit holder is entitled to use the permit. Lending the permit to friends or family members can result in the permit being cancelled.
  • Anyone who helps a person with a disability to run errands cannot park in the designated stalls if the person with the disability remains in the vehicle. This is an abuse of the privileges.
  • If you move, tell us your new address and phone number so we can remind you of renewal time.
  • You should return your expired parking permit to us.
  • Parking permits expire at the end of the month of expiry.
  • Lost or stolen permits can be replaced, but will need to be purchased for the prices listed in the cost section above.

Additional Benefits for Victoria Permit Holders

  • Permit holders are eligible to purchase parking passes from Victoria City Hall. A day pass costs $4; and a monthly pass costs, if you work in downtown Victoria, $60. Both passes allow the holder to park at any regular metered space for as long as they wish while the passes are valid.
  • All permit holders are granted a grace period of one hour, on top of the time you pay for, at any regular metered parking space (the blue-topped meters). This does NOT include designated accessible parking meters (with the yellow-top) or short-term 20 minute parking (the red-topped meters).